Getting Better for Cold & Flu Season with Homeopathic Medicines

20 Feb

Between January and February my kids and I get the sniffles, runny noses, asthma, sore throats, etc and I don’t like running to the emergency unless a cough lasts more than a week or asthma needs extra medication that I don’t have on hand. I feel like over the counter medicine doesn’t work all the time so I try home remedies and lots of fluids and rest. 

I recently attended Boiron’s Winter Well event with Blogger Brianne Manz (Stroller In The City) at Washington Market Pediatrics at 161 Hudson St.  Bloggers were invited to learn and prepare for cold & flu season. 

Last year we were all sick and I had to be hospitalized. This year I held out till recently where I caught a cold but it’s nothing compared to last year. I took my flu shot which seemed to help me out a lot because with my kids sick I just knew I would be home for a few weeks but I wasn’t. They were though. My 13 had his flu shot. We tried the nasal instead of the injection because he hates shots. It went well. 

I don’t know how many boxes of tissues I went through between my three kids. Now I have to restock. 

Dr. Lisa Kaufman from (Village Pediatrics) and Dr. Tiffany Knipe from (WMP) chatted with us for the morning about getting flu shots early, myths and facts and what ages should get their flu shots. I’m a germaphobe and carry hand sanitizer everywhere I go and make sure we are constantly washing our hands. It’s hard to watch my kids especially when their in school which is where kids gets sick the most because of the germs and other sick kids but I do make sure they carry sanitizer as well and wash their hands as much as possible. 

Boiron is a world leader in homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that uses highly diluted natural substances to relieve symptoms. Boiron provide products that work without causing drowsiness or drug interactions. I am a big fan of providing my family with a healthier, more natural lifestyle so when I heard Boiron was also providing us with information about their products and giving samples I was thankful because this came at the right time while my kids were sick.  

I gave them Boiron’s Children’s Chestal Cold & Cough syrup which temporarily relieves symptoms of the common cold, such as sneezing, fitful cough, runny or stuffy nose, nasal and chest congestion and minor sore throat. Available for everyone ages 3 and up. I gave my kids this  and the coughing stopped, runny, stuffy noses disappeared I was very impressed. This is definitely a keeper. 

Other items included in the gift bag were Calendula Cream, Arnicare Gel, Children’s Coldcalm, Oscillococcinum and other goodies. 

To learn more about these homeopathic medicines check out @BoironUSA @OscilloUSA @ArnicareUSA @CamiliaUSA on Twitter and

I also downloaded the free homeopathic medicine finder app which is very useful at: 

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are mine 100% as always. 

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