Easy Ways to Cook with Johnsonville Sausage for Mother’s Day 

6 May

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Johnsonville. Opinions expressed are mine 100% as always. I am a Johnsonville Influencer. 
Mother’s Day breakfast has never been easier with these Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausages! Ready in 30 seconds, these breakfast sausage patties have all the big, bold flavors of Johnsonville without the fuss. Available in both Original and Turkey varieties, these patties are the perfect size for breakfast sandwiches. Whether your morning schedule is busy or relaxed, you’ll always find the time for these sensational sausages.Johnsonville nvited moms and kids to make Johnsonville  part of their morning routine – from a quick weekday breakfast before school to Mother’s Day morning brunch. Breakfast sandwiches are the new way to get your fill of protein-packed deliciousness and Johnsonville is making it easier with a new line of fully cooked sausage patties. For more information, visit Johnsonville.com.


Johnsonville believes in bringing the family together through food, but the meal doesn’t have to be complicated.• Johnsonville is the number one brand of sausage in America.

• Convenience is key when kids are cooking for mom; make it easier by cooking with Johnsonville.

Johnsonville asked me to create my own variation of a kid-friendly breakfast for Mother’s Day. My kids were excited to work in the kitchen with me. We love cooking together and thinking of new recipes. 

We came up with a corn muffin, sausage with maple syrup. Easy to make, don’t have to turn on oven and easy clean up. Perfect for any size hands. It’s like stuffed French toast. 


*1 or 2 packages of store bought corn muffins or you can make from scratch. 

*1 package of Johnsonville fully cooked breakfast sausages (turkey or original)

*Maple syrup (drizzle on what amount you want)


In a skillet or frying pan heat up sausages for 7-9 minutes (or maybe even less than that). Flip a few times. 

Cut muffins in half, place in frying pan with butter already melted and heat till nice and bubbly. You can brown on both sides or just one side. Place sausage pattie on corn muffin, add maple syrup and place other half of muffin on top. 

There you have it! Three ingredients, fast and ready in no time. Johnsoville sausage patties fit perfectly on corn muffins. 

My daughter also came up with a quick snack or appetizer with Johnsonville sausages. She put crackers on a plate and added the Johnsonville sausage and tater tot on top. The tater tot had cheese melted on as well. You can add so many things to it. I thought she did a great job.

We also made a classic breakfast wrap with egg, cheese and Johnsonville sausage. We love our wraps in the morning. 

My Mother’s Day breakfast is looking good. Johnsonville makes it so easy for a fast and tasty meal every time. We enjoyed creating these recipes for you. Hope you enjoy making them with your kids as well. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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