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LG TwinWash At @BestBuy #ad @LGUS

8 Feb

Have you heard about LG’s TwinWash system at Best Buy? I’m very excited about this washer. Not only do these washers have mega capacity to tackle any size load, they are energy efficient efficient while giving you the beat cleaning performance. households have chosen LG laundry over any other brand!

I love doing laundry but I hate going to crowded laundromats. I’m there for at least two to theeee hours depending on how much laundry I have and how many people are there. There’s never enough machines and sometimes they don’t do a thorough clean so I have to clean the clothes twice. Very annoying. Don’t get me started on the dryers that take so many quarters to dry. It’s so convenient when you have the right machine. I can wash and still do other things. Plus I can save so much money and don’t have to deal with the public and waiting for machines to become available to just do half the job. I want full cleaning. I have two kids left in school, I work and my two older sons work so clothes need to be washed weekly. Also changing bed sheets and fresh washcloths and towels are a must. I know LG has my back when it comes to these loads. 

With LG’s TwinWash system you get the best of both worlds. For small loads that can’t wait (The sweatpants after hot yoga, the red shirt in a pile of whites, the dirty school uniform on a Sunday night) there is the LG SideKick pedestal washer. You can even use it simultaneously while you do a bigger load up top on your LG Front load washer.

That’s definitely the kind of excitement I’m talking about. Here’s the link to shop and from 1/11-4/25 receive up to $500 off a LG laundry solution for your home.

Disclosure: I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Opinions are mine 100% as always. 

Braun Helping Everyday Cooks #ConquerTheExpected in the Kitchen

27 Jun

I was very excited to attend a launch event with Braun at the German Consulate. I love kitchen appliances and gadgets as the home cook and foodie that I am this was right up my alley. The tables were decorated so lovely and the views from up above was amazing. Brunch was very good and hands on demos made me want to whip up a recipe right on the spot. I also tested out the hand blender. I’ve always been a big fan of Braun appliances and was happy to see what Braun could come up with next. It was also nice to see some of Braun’s appliances from decades ago up until now. I was beyond happy to take home the Multiquick 7. 

“Braun is known for an intuitive and reliable product design that lasts for ages – so our marketing campaign will focus on key consumer life stages, from first home purchase and weddings, to growing families and home remodeling,” said Maria Colon, Director of Marketing, De’Longhi Group North America. “We are excited to bring the Braun Household line to market with a campaign that is relevant, inspirational and exciting no matter where you are in life.”
Whether a new homeowner, recently married, a busy parent of young kids, or just looking to refresh the daily cooking regimen, Braun inspires confidence and simplicity in meal and beverage preparation, while saving time to help consumers realize their true culinary potential. Braun helps the home cook conquer the expected tasks in the kitchen, so unexpected meals can be created with amazing ingredients.

Braun closely studied the design process and evaluated the importance of ergonomics. For example, understanding how one holds handheld appliances led to developing products that are so comfortable and intuitive they seem to mimic the natural extension of one’s arm. The brand’s intuitive design is also reflected in the settings and display. They are listed left to right just like reading a book with the most important features grouped where the eye will naturally move to first. And while the new products continue the legacy of Braun’s premium and sleek look, the new line has new technologies that will change how home chefs prepare and enjoy their meals.

The new Braun line of products is available now:

The Braun Multiquick Hand Blenders come in several models and configurations for a variety of culinary creativity right in the palm of your hand.

Through its research, Braun found that many delegate two hands to control their hand blender during food preparation, gripping harder as the blender uses more power. Braun built its new hand blender to give the user more control, featuring a brand new Smart Speed variable control technology inspired by German automotive engineering – allowing you to intuitively change the speed and power of the hand blender using just your touch. The more you squeeze, the more power you get, making it easy to regulate speeds with just one

Braun also developed and applied an exclusive PowerBell Technology for the line of Multiquick hand blenders, combining durable stainless steel blades and a unique bell-shaped blending shaft for fast and finer results – pushing your mixture inside the bell instead of toward the edges of your mixing bowl. The Braun Multiquick 7 Hand Blender (model MQ777) brings premium design and power to the kitchen, complete with five attachments, along with the anti-splash shaft – including a whisk, masher, food processor and 20 fl. oz. beaker that make food preparation easier and more enjoyable, allowing its user to explore new culinary feats. The model will also include an EasyClick system, a patented design made to ensure that all attachments can be removed in one simple click. The Multiquick 7 Hand Blender (model MQ725), includes a beaker, whisk and 1.5-cup chopper for whipping up ultimate creativity in your kitchen. your kitchen. The Multiquick 5 Hand Blender (model MQ505) includes a beaker and whisk and has two speeds for easy blending, whisking or pureeing.

The Braun Multiquick series hand blenders range in price from $59.95 to $149.95 and from $89.99 to $199.99 CAD.

The Braun PureMix Countertop Blender (model JB7130BK) in stainless steel and premium black finish introduces a new level of speed and style to your countertop. Its complete blade and pitcher re-design allows you to create a range of delicious smoothies and drinks faster and with more precision than ever before.

The new PureMix blender eliminates counter mess, with its Easy Wipe Clean Panel – with no cracks between buttons for food to fall into. The 56 fl. oz. jug is BPA-free and features an imbedded measuring cup. Also available in a sleek black finish with 3 blend functions, the PureMix blender (model JB7000BKS) lets you stir, liquefy, and crush ice for nutritious smoothies, delicious fruit daiquiris and more. Additional accessories like the Smoothie2Go Blending Set features its own blade assembly that lets you fill your cup and take your favor blend with you, all with a secure stay lid with a flip drinking spout. This is sold separately. The Braun PureMix Countertop Blenders range in price from $99.95 to $129.95 USD and from $129.99 to $199.99 CAD.

The Braun BrewSense Drip Coffee Makers echoes Braun’s durable design – creating a consistently delicious cup of coffee using an inherently simple process. Braun has perfected flavor conservation in its new BrewSense coffee maker, introducing a PureFlavor Brewing System to preserve coffee’s great flavor from the first to last drop.

The 12-cup FlavorCarafe has a uniquely-designed top air filtration system to ensure coffee stays warm for longer. The lid is designed to minimize the contact between air and coffee to avoid its oxidation and loss of flavor. While your flavor and temperature stay consistent – the BrewSense coffee maker has an anti-drip system that lets you pause and pour mid-brew with virtually no mess. Its warming plate also maintains a constant temperature so your coffee won’t burn after sitting.

The BrewSense has a user-friendly control panel with LED indicators and easy-to-read buttons and functions. Among them, the Brew Strength selector allows you to enjoy your coffee regular or bold and you can choose between 1-4 cups timed to when you want to enjoy your beverage. The coffee maker also features a handy ledge on its back side that catches condensation that gathers from the brewing process and inserts it back into the machine so that water does not end up on your counter top.

The Braun BrewSense Coffee Maker comes in a variety of finishes from a stylish mix of stainless steel and premium black (model KF7150BK) and all premium black finish (model KF7000BK) and range in price from $69.95 to $99.95 USD and from $119.99 to $159.99 CAD.

For more information on Braun, visit or To see what other home chefs are creating with Braun products, follow the hashtag #ConquerTheExpected on Facebook and Instagram. Check out the website:

Disclosure: I was invited as press to attend this event. I was given a gift bag. Opinions are mine 100% as always.