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Touring Behind the Scenes with Spies In Disguise at Blue Sky Studio #spiesindisguise #hosted

4 Dec

Ever since I took a behind-the-scenes experience for SPIES IN DISGUISE at Blue Sky Studios in Greenwich, CT back in October I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of the movie. It hits theaters on Christmas Day December 25, 2019. Our day included filmmaker/director interviews, “making of” presentations, clips, animators, a lead sculptor and a sneak peek at some of the movie.

I’ve never been so amazed at what I experienced that day. The time and amount of people it takes to make a movie is mind blowing, especially animation.

I’m the type who stays for all the credits after a movie and appreciate those who made the film possible. I told the directors/filmmakers and they thanked me for that. Do you see how many names pop up at the end? You have to give thanks to all of those amazing people.


Super spy Lance Sterling (Will Smith) and scientist Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) are almost exact opposites. Lance is smooth, suave and debonair. Walter is … not. But when events take an unexpected turn, this unlikely duo are forced to team up for the ultimate mission that will require an almost impossible disguise – transforming Lance into the brave, fierce, majestic… pigeon. Walter and Lance suddenly have to work as a team, or the whole world is in peril.

In the roundtable interview the directors said “in Lance they wanted him to be not just a character that made fun of other spies, they wanted to have fun with the genre but to create their own spy a character who stands shoulder to shoulder with Ethan Hunt and James Bond, Jason Bourne and not just be a joke. Lance Sterling makes a mess everywhere he goes but he does it in style. He drinks the best drinks, eats the best food and wants to make an impression. He even shows up with his own soundtrack. He’s smart, he’s fast, he’s sleek, he likes the adventure, he likes the adrenaline. He even has his own spy plane. Lance’s specific philosophy of taking out the bad guys: you gotta hit them first before they hit you but if they do hit first you hit them so hard that they don’t get back up.”

“Audi helped design Lance’s spy car. When you think super spy the biggest thing you think about is that spy car. They felt Lance deserved to have his very own real world car that made him feel legit. Audi came in and designed a car strictly for animation. That has never happened before. “

How cool was that of Audi to collaborate with animation? Can you collaborate with me Audi? It doesn’t have to be a spy car just a cool blogger car. Lol.

“Scientist, Walter Beckett is super optimistic and socially awkward. Walter believes he can save the world with a hug. Growing he felt if there’s no violence then everyone can be safe so he invented unique gadgets. He’s all alone and his only friends are pigeons.” As Walter would say, “if you have a bag of stale bread you have all the friends you ever need.”

I’m impressed with one of his gadgets his backpack which is his mobile lab and on his adventure he can create gadgets along the way. His smart watch is cool too and inspired by ‘Game Boy” because he loves video games too. He tricked out the home he grew up in into his gadget lab.

“Lance and Walter live two totally different lifestyles. Lance is more posh but he’s always on the move so he doesn’t have that place that feels like home and Walter’s home is more cozy, warm and full of life. However they both are really alone and have nobody so that’s where this story takes you on an adventure to see how they can come together and try to save the world. “

“When Lance is turned into a pigeon he is given eyebrows because the directors wanted you to relate to that human character that he was. They wanted you to get Lance expressions, emotionality and attitude so even when you’re looking at the other pigeons you’re still reading Lance Sterling’s character.”

Fanboy, Crazy Eyes and Lovey are the pigeons who’s on this crazy adventure with Lance when he becomes a pigeon.

Who would’ve thought a pigeon as a spy but look at why it’s a great idea. I absolutely loved this part of the interview. “Pigeons fly fast, their only predator is a peregrine falcon who can only fly fast in a straight line but pigeons can bang almost 90 degrees at top speed. They can fly up to 92.7 miles per hour. Very impressive. They’ve got eyes inside of their head which mean they’ve got almost 360 degree vision so no one is sneaking up behind them. Because they can fly so fast and see so wide they see at a faster rate than humans do which means they can slow time down called (pigeon bullet time) so that means when you’re out in the street and you try to kick a pigeon (not that you should) they’re always that split second ahead because they can actually see at a faster rate than you can and they can see in UV light so they can see things not visible to the human eye.”

“Walter tells Lance I can make you disappear but what he means by that is: Pigeons are found in every major city around the world. You don’t even notice them. They blend in everywhere. So in Walter’s head being a pigeon is one of the greatest covers a spy can take.” Built in gadgets and no one is paying attention to you.

Big shoutout to the directors, animators, lead sculptor filmmakers, head of story, storyboard artist, lighting supervisor, senior tech director of materials and artists who were just incredible. I enjoyed learning about pigeons and the process behind everything. I even took a drawing class. Everyone was fun to listen to and I can’t wait for Spies in Disguise to come to theaters. My kids are very excited and wish they could have went behind the scenes with me but also can’t wait to see the movie. You’ll be thinking pigeons are really spies once you see the movie.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I was hosted/invited to attend/cover this amazing event and opinions are mine 100% as always.

Ezinma Hip-Hop Violinist “Classical Bae” partnership w/ Essentia Water #ItMightAsWellBeYou

8 Aug

I’m a big fan of Essentia Water and Ezinma hip-hop violinist “Classical Bae”. I was very excited when I got the chance to interview Ezi.

In May, Essentia announced a partnership with the Ezi who also stars the brand’s first national, multiplatform advertising campaign – It Might As Well Be You

The campaign’s message is personal, empowering and demonstrates what Essentia and its core consumers’ value – the power of resilience. With that, Essentia moved to collaborate with Ezi – her drive and dedication to her art is inspiring, empowering and relatable.

Here’s my interview with Ezinma:

  • How did you start your collaboration with Essentia? 
    • I have been a fan of Essentia for a very long time. Not too long ago, I learned that Essentia would be launching a new campaign focused on overachievement, It Might As Well Be You is a campaign that encourages people everywhere to get up, get out and go do that thing that they want to do. The concept really resonated with me because in the pursuit of my passion, I have put in a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to go after my dreams. I was excited to partner with Essentia to encourage others on their own journeys of dedication and resilience.
  • How does Essentia play a part in your career? 
    • I am a big fan of self-care and my schedule can often become very busy. Whether I’m practicing at home, in the studio working on my album, working out or on-set filming a project, hydration is part of my self-care and self-care is one aspect of my daily life that allows me to continue my journey towards fulfilling my passion and reaching success. Overall, when I feel good, I perform better, and knowing that I can hydrate better with Essentia plays a huge part in me being able to perform at my best. 
  • What led you to start playing violin? Who encouraged you to start? 
    • I was drawn to the violin from a very early age. It’s incredible, but I first picked up the violin when I was only three-years old. My father is Guyanese and my mother is German-American. I was fortunate to have their rich cultural and ethnic backgrounds influence my musical upbringing and that really helped mold me into the versatile artist that I’ve become today. Classics like Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart, as well as artists like Bill Monroe, Bob Marley, Van Morrison, Billie Holiday, and Earth Wind and Fire were influential in my musical development and continue to inspire me today.
  • How many times a day/week do you practice?
    • I try to practice everyday. If I have an early morning call for a shoot or I’m traveling, it can be tough! I’m always looking to improve my craft, even if I don’t have my violin with me. For example, I strengthen my fingers with rubberbands—that helps keep my fingers strong when I don’t get to put in work on my instrument. Other than that, I try my best to play and practice everyday and I even take lessons from my violin coach once a month!
  • Would you ever consider giving lessons to young kids?
    • I actually used to teach a lot. I love working with children and my biggest motivation is inspiring kids to play an instrument. A big part of my musical mission is visibility. As a person of color in the classical space, it is so easy to feel like you don’t belong. I want to show that classical music is not only “cool” but it is also accessible for everyone. 

Check out @essentiawater and @iamezinma on Instagram. Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to interview Ezi. Opinions are mine 100% as always.


Emoji Movie Screening & Roundtable with Maya Rudolph #emojimovie

28 Jul

Oops I did it again. I was invited to a Part 2 roundtable with Maya Rudolph, director Tony Leondis, producer Michelle Raimo and World Emoji Day creator Jeremy Burge. 

This is my second time interviewing  Tony & Maya and they remembered all of us bloggers. Maya also suggested we attend other press junkets/roundtables in places like Hawaii. I’ll be waiting for that email. 

Maya explained how she had to talk with a smile on her face the whole time she was in the studio. She plays Smiler in the movie and you will see why once you see it. I told Maya my daughter said her teeth were so white in the movie. I told my daughter that’s what brushing three times a day, flossing and a dental pik would do. 

In the movie Smiler is in charge of all the emoji’s but wasn’t too fond of the emoji Meh who was different from all the other emoji’s. He couldn’t be just Meh and he didn’t want to so that got him in trouble with Smiler who wanted him deleted. There’s so much more to see and so many apps to explore. 

My kids and I enjoyed the movie very much. We were laughing and dancing in our seats when Meh, Jailbreak and Hi 5 visited the Just Dance app. Candy Crush was another favorite and we just loved the emoji town period. Emoji Hi 5 and JailBreak was another favorite of ours. This movie is for all ages and opens in theaters July 28th. Take the family and have some emoji fun. My daughter is tempting me with emojis like crazy now that she has a phone but I don’t mind because I use them as well. Emoji’s aren’t going anywhere. Right now there are over 2,000 emojis and more are being created Jeremy Burge told us. We hope there is a Emoji 2 in the works. Until then enjoy the film. We did!! 

Check out @emojimovie on Instagram and Twitter. 

Disclosure: I was invited to attend this roundtable and screening. Opinions are 100% mine and my family as always. Thank you Sony Pictures Entertainment. 

#SpiderManHomecoming Screening, Press Junket, Goodwill DIY Spider-Man Challenge, Sailing Around NY, Sony Experience

6 Jul

I just want to start by saying thank you to Sony for the best Spider-Man Homecoming Press Junket ever!!! 

There’s nothing like getting that email that says we’d like to invite you to….

It started with a screening of Spider-Man Homecoming. I took my 14 year old son with me and we enjoyed the movie so much. I was like “did you see that and ohhh that was nice” and I was jumping in my seat. It’s great for teens. I also took my 10 year old daughter to another screening and she enjoys it as well. Concession snacks were given to us and it was a nice comfortable theater. 

Haven’t seen Michael Keaton in a while so it was good seeing him play the villain Vulture. When you have a family to support and protect and no one cares or wants to listen you will do anything to provide for them and that’s what made him evil. Can I just say I liked his costume which would make a good ride at an amusement park. 

Tom Holland played 15 year old Peter Parker (Spider-Man). I enjoyed the storyline how Peter Parker was determined to show Tony Stark that he can fight crime and was ready to be an Avenger. He took on lots of bad guys but that didn’t stop him. 

Jacob Batalon played Spider-Man’s best friend, (sidekick) Ned. He was hilarious. He’s one of those friends you want in school. He’s there for you sometimes for good and sometimes you’re like Nooooo why did you say that? He’s a funny guy in person and real down to earth and sweet.

Zendaya played Michelle. I loved her character who played a loner but smart girl. She always had these one liner remarks. Love this line: 

Zendaya: I can’t believe you guys are at this lame party

Ned: You’re here too

Zendaya: Am I? 

When you see the clip you’ll be laughing too. I noticed Michelle might have a crush on Peter Parker. Hmmmm. Anyway, Zendaya is beautiful and sweet too. 

I enjoyed the press Junket at the Whitby Hotel with the cast and they enjoyed taking selfies with me (especially Robert Downey Jr.) Take a look at my pics below. After the press Junket we boarded a private bus to the Goodwill to compete in a DIY challenge. We were given a $25 gift card and had 15 minutes to shop for clothing to make a Spider-Man costume. I made my daughter a SpiderMan costume. She enjoyed dressing up like Spider-Man the girl version and posing for pics. We love it!! Pics below. Once we rung up our items without going over $25 we took our clothes and got back on the bus and headed to Chelsea Piers to sail around Manhattan on the Adirondack and explore the sights that Spider-Man took on in the movie like the Staten Island Ferry. I love boats and I even got behind the wheel. The captain asked if I’ve drove boats before and I told him this was my second boat I drove and I think it’s gonna be a new hobby of mine. It was a beautiful day. Food and drinks were served and just a great time. 

​​Back at the hotel a sketch artist drew our pictures with the special powered they we told him we wanted to have. Of course I wanted to teleport. I didn’t get the full pic of what he created. It was supposed to be sent to my email but I never received so I only got a picture of the unfinished version. The pad he was using was from Dell. I would be on that all day. I love it. All the Dell computers were amazing. I also got video of myself falling off the side of a building. Spider-Man was supposed to rescue me but he was no where to be seen so I was screaming my lungs out. I obviously made it or I wouldn’t have written this post. Lol.

The next event we went to was at Sony Square for the Spider-Man Homecoming VR Experience. We took pics on the side of a building and the kids got to meet and take pics with Peter Parker ( Tom Holland) and Spider-Man this time. There’s also displays of the outfits worn in the movie and the weapons. The VR is fun for teens during adults  to experience. My daughter was able to try it though. 

What will you be doing on July 7th? Hopefully you’ll already have your tickets and go check out this amazing movie. I saw it twice and will probably see it again. Check out @spidermanmovie on Instagram

Disclosure: Hosted by Sony. Thanks again to Sony for all these amazing opportunities for Five Little Words. It’s always a pleasure to work with you. Opinions are mine and my kids 100% as always. Swag was given. 

Emoji Movie Press Junket with Sony #EmojiMovie

29 Jun

Emoji Movie Press Day was held at Sony back in May and Bloggers were invited to meet with TJ Miller, Jake T Austin and Director Tony Leondis. 

Snipets of the film were shown. I wanted to see the whole movie but I’m glad I didn’t because I want to enjoy it with my kids. My daughter is such an Emoji fan. I just purchased her emoji bed sheets and she was so excited. 

Director Tony Leondis talked about the scenes that were shown and why he did a movie about Emojis. He said he looked at his phone and saw emojis and bought no one has ever did a movie about inside your phone. From what we saw this is going to be a great movie. All the characters are fun.

TJ Miller was fun to listen to at the roundtable. He said he really enjoyed being interviewed by bloggers. I appreciated that. 

Jake T Austin is a doll. I asked him about being Latino and not being fluent in Spanish like myself. His mother is Puerto Rican but she didn’t speak it as much as he would have liked her to. She grew up speaking more English but is fluent in Spanish. Jake T Austin was also the voice of “Diego”. He spoke a little Diego for us. His favorite 3 apps are Shazam, Instagram and Fruit Ninja. 

Synopsis: Hidden inside a smartphone, the bustling city of Textopolis is home to all emojis. Each emoji has only one facial expression, except for Gene, an exuberant emoji with multiple expressions. Determined to become “normal” like the other emojis, Gene enlists the help of his best friend Hi-5 and a notorious code breaker called Jailbreak. During their travels through the other apps, the three emojis discover a great danger that could threaten their phone’s very existence.

TJ Miller is “Gene”

Jake T Austin is “Alex”

Maya Rudolph is “Smiler”

Sofia Vergara is “Flamenca”

Patrick Stewart is “Poop”

James Corden is “Hi-5”

Anna Faris is “Jailbreak”

Steven Wright is “Mel Meh”

Christina Aguilera is “Akiko Glitter”
In theaters July 28. We are counting down the days.  @EmojiMovie on Instagram 

Disclosure: I was invited to attend this press junket. Swag was given. My opinions are 100% as always. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of The Shadows Press Junket 

27 May

I love being invited to press junkets just as much as I love attending movies. You know what else I love? I enjoy interviewing and meeting the cast/celebrities. I get to ask questions one on one or as a group and its amazing. You never know the response you will get and they make my job seem so easy because they are down to earth and best part is getting a lifetime picture with them. I recently attended a press junket for the new movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of The Shadows. It was held at the Ritz Carlton on a Sunday morning and I was very excited to meet the cast. I’m sure a lot of people grew up watching the turtles like I did. 

Participating talent included:

Will Arnett – Vernon Fenwick

Stephen Amell – Casey Jones

Tyler Perry – Baxter Stockman

Stephen Farrelly – Rocksteady

Gary Anthony Williams – Bebop

Brian Tee – Shredder

Noel Fisher – Michelangelo

Pete Ploszek – Leonardo

Jeremy Howard – Donatello

Dave Green – Director

Josh Appelbaum – Screenwriter

Andrew Nemec – Screenwriter

Andrew Form – Producer

Brad Fuller – Producer

I took my kids and we saw a screening of the film the night before. I will give you my review of the film soon. I can say I can’t wait to share. You will hear a lot of “My Man” in the film and the soundtrack is great. I was tapping and singing a lot of the songs. Also listen out for Tyler Perry “Baxter Stockman” laugh throughout the film. We were cracking up. Will Arnett also mentions “the basketball game he was at was actually a real game so every time he was interviewed and hit with a spit ball he would spin around to see where it was coming from and his friends from across the floor was asking him why he kept doing the same thing at each interview and he explained they were filming for the movie”. That was hilarious. 

In theaters June3, 2016. 

Disclosure: This is not a compensated post. Thank you Paramount Pictures for the invite. Opinions are mine 100% as always. 

Catherine & Sean Lowe Loads Of Love Baby Shower With Dreft #AmazingHood

28 Apr

Wednesday April 27th was a beautiful day in the neighborhood at the Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel for an unforgettable Loads Of Love themed baby shower with expectant parents Sean and Catherine Lowe Reality TV Couple from The Bachelor. Dreft (No.1 baby laundry detergent) made this journey to #AMAZINGHOOD possible.   

 I haven’t been to a baby shower in years. Walking in the suite was filled with plush baby blankets, Dreft products, cake, food, onesies, laundry baskets, pillows, fresh flowers and stuffed animals. It was the perfect setting.  



Dreft had been a part of my family since 1990 when my firstborn arrived. My mother, grandmother and pediatrician recommended it and I’ve used it for all four of my children. The smell is amazing and I just couldn’t stop smelling my kids and their belongings.  

I was so happy to hear Dreft unveiled a new line of products to match the different stages of babyhood- from pregnancy through toddlerhood and beyond. A gentle and hypoallergenic product to wash newborn’s clothes would be Dreft Stage 1: Newborn. As babies grow and explore the world families are looking for a stronger detergent like  Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby that can remove 99% of baby food stains while still being gentle and hypoallergenic. Parents can feel sentimental when babies outgrow their newborn clothes and need need to wash their bigger-kid clothes and that’s where Dreft Blissfuls in-wash scent boosters come into play to help bring back memories of the entire journey with every wash. 

Catherine Lowe mentioned her mother used Dreft to wash her baby clothes and it feels good to continue the tradition of using a brand that her mother trusted. Catherine and Sean are preparing for the baby’s arrival by setting up the nursery and washing all the baby’s linen and clothes in Dreft’s Newborn Detergent.  

 I also enjoyed pre-washing my kids clothes and blankets so that amazing smell could set in when I dressed and wrapped them in their blankets. 

Sean Lowe said “Were excited to embrace the special, messy moments as they come. Thankfully with Dreft, we can tackle the messes and focus more on all of the amazing times we have to share together.”

Sean and Catherine are waiting till birth to find out whether they are having a boy or girl. Catherine told me she will breastfeed. She also said they want more kids. They are so excited about the birth and Catherine is due July 5th. 

You can follow their year long journey with Dreft on social media, @Dreft on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Also check out and follow the hashtag #Amazinghood 

I had a great time celebrating #Amazinghood with the Lowe’s and can’t wait to see their bundle of joy. They will make great parents.  

 Disclosure: I was invited to this event. This post is not compensated. Opinions are mine 100% as always. Gift bags were given. 

Angry Birds Press Coverage #AngryBirdsMovie #SonyPictures 

24 Mar

How many of you are excited about the new Angry Birds movie coming to theaters in May, 2016? I am beyond excited can’t wait for my family and I to experience the life of the birds! There’s been so many promotions and events taking place since last year and I’ve been enjoying them. 

In November, 2015 the Sony Screening Room held a Birdless Thanksgiving Feast and first look at footage from The Angry Birds Screening. Producer John Cohen showed footage and explained what was happening in a scene and how Angry Birds turned into a movie. This was the first time I met John Cohen. 


 Who could forget the Thanksgiving Day Parade with Red (Angry Bird) front and center? We enjoy the parade every year.   

Next was an Angry Birds pre-screening hour of footage with Producer John Cohen at the Paley Center. My kids accompanied me to this and even though it wasn’t the entire movie we still had fun and couldn’t stop laughing.   

Press Junket Day was finally here. Kidz Vuz and Sony Pictures made this day possible. I knew this was going to be fun but I was still nervous. I don’t know why I nervous because I meet celebrities non-stop. It took place at The Ritz Central Park.   

I interviewed Producers John Cohen & Catherine Winder, Executive Producers Mikael Hed & David Maisel and Actors: Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad and Maya Rudolph.  

Everyone was great. A room of bloggers met with each person and asked great questions and the Actors didn’t want to leave. They loved the bloggers and they were a pleasure to interview. Maya Rudolph and I talked about motherhood and Josh Gad asked me about my cell phone case and Jason Sudeikis told me about new projects he’s working on with the TriBeCa Film Festival and his movie Mother’s Day. Of course we also talked about Angry Birds. Every time Josh spiked I pictured Olaf from Frozen and when I looked at Maya I kept picturing her doing her Beyonce skit on SNL. She didn’t want to leave the room. Each actor enjoyed playing their part in the film. Looking forward to more animation films with these three.   

This Press Junket I truly did enjoy with bloggers and actors that make my job easy and enjoyable. Immediately following the press junket was International Day of Happiness at the U.N. This red carpet and ceremony was one I had to miss. From the pictures I saw looks like everyone that attended had a great time. I’ve lived in New York all of my life and never been inside the U.N. 

I’m ready for whatever else Sony has coming. If there’s a press trip include me in. My suitcase is ready. Thank you for all the fun I’m having promoting this film. We can’t wait to see the full movie. 

Check out hashtag #AngryBirdsMovie and @angrybirdsofficial on Instagram and @sonypictures for more info. 

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are mine 100% as always. I was invited to everything mentioned.