Catherine & Sean Lowe Loads Of Love Baby Shower With Dreft #AmazingHood

28 Apr

Wednesday April 27th was a beautiful day in the neighborhood at the Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel for an unforgettable Loads Of Love themed baby shower with expectant parents Sean and Catherine Lowe Reality TV Couple from The Bachelor. Dreft (No.1 baby laundry detergent) made this journey to #AMAZINGHOOD possible.   

 I haven’t been to a baby shower in years. Walking in the suite was filled with plush baby blankets, Dreft products, cake, food, onesies, laundry baskets, pillows, fresh flowers and stuffed animals. It was the perfect setting.  



Dreft had been a part of my family since 1990 when my firstborn arrived. My mother, grandmother and pediatrician recommended it and I’ve used it for all four of my children. The smell is amazing and I just couldn’t stop smelling my kids and their belongings.  

I was so happy to hear Dreft unveiled a new line of products to match the different stages of babyhood- from pregnancy through toddlerhood and beyond. A gentle and hypoallergenic product to wash newborn’s clothes would be Dreft Stage 1: Newborn. As babies grow and explore the world families are looking for a stronger detergent like  Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby that can remove 99% of baby food stains while still being gentle and hypoallergenic. Parents can feel sentimental when babies outgrow their newborn clothes and need need to wash their bigger-kid clothes and that’s where Dreft Blissfuls in-wash scent boosters come into play to help bring back memories of the entire journey with every wash. 

Catherine Lowe mentioned her mother used Dreft to wash her baby clothes and it feels good to continue the tradition of using a brand that her mother trusted. Catherine and Sean are preparing for the baby’s arrival by setting up the nursery and washing all the baby’s linen and clothes in Dreft’s Newborn Detergent.  

 I also enjoyed pre-washing my kids clothes and blankets so that amazing smell could set in when I dressed and wrapped them in their blankets. 

Sean Lowe said “Were excited to embrace the special, messy moments as they come. Thankfully with Dreft, we can tackle the messes and focus more on all of the amazing times we have to share together.”

Sean and Catherine are waiting till birth to find out whether they are having a boy or girl. Catherine told me she will breastfeed. She also said they want more kids. They are so excited about the birth and Catherine is due July 5th. 

You can follow their year long journey with Dreft on social media, @Dreft on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Also check out and follow the hashtag #Amazinghood 

I had a great time celebrating #Amazinghood with the Lowe’s and can’t wait to see their bundle of joy. They will make great parents.  

 Disclosure: I was invited to this event. This post is not compensated. Opinions are mine 100% as always. Gift bags were given. 

One Response to “Catherine & Sean Lowe Loads Of Love Baby Shower With Dreft #AmazingHood”

  1. fatgirllovecake May 27, 2016 at 1:01 pm #

    Awww. How adorable. I love them on the Couples Therapy. Glad to see them working things out. Beautiful arrangements. So cute. Thanks for sharing!

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