TRAVEL TRENDS EVENT WITH @Momtrends #trendytravel

3 May

I don’t get away as much as I would like to but I made it my business to “Getaway with Momtrends” at Butterfly Studio on April 28th. I was invited to learn about the latest travel attire, take off tips, on the go gear, hairstyling tips, and family travel planning. This event was not to be missed.

I started with a dry hair styling session appointment. I never had a fishtail and always wanted one but my stylist took it up a notch. She made a high pony with the fishtail then wrapped it in a bun with pins. It looked great. It was off my neck and stayed in place the entire night. I still have to learn how to make a fishtail though.

Butterfly Studio hooked a lot of the bloggers up with cute hairstyles, and my favorite were the pony tails. I especially liked Nicole Feliciano’s pony.


Butterfly Studio showed all the tricks and easy to do hairstyles that’s great for everyday or when traveling. These styles looked like they took hours to do but were done in a few minutes. I know when the summer comes I like my hair off my face but also looking good in a bun or pony tail. Also using the right products to get volume and less frizz is important as well. They are located in the city and can be found at







Kim-Marie Evans taught me a lot about how to book vacations, who to book them with, and the most important how to get the most for your money. Who knew that booking group tours are actually more better than a vacation on your own. You get to do and see things that would never happen if you went on your own like dining with the locals in their homes, and maybe visiting an artist and taking home a piece of art directly from the artist. Check her out at


Britax always have the best baby gear and accessories for parents. I love their car seats and strollers. I love the colors of the strollers, and the cow print color of the car seat. They are releasing a new stroller called BOB revolutionary stroller. It has an expandable handle for those tall dads, and a handle brake which is awesome. I also love how it closes up in the push of a button. Wheels are sturdy enough even for the sand on the beach. The wheels also can be locked for jogging or unlocked to swivel when strolling around. Accessories are a must have for strollers and cars. Check out all the latest products at







Trunk was also in the house introducing their water-resistant swim backpack called PaddlePak that comes designed looking like sea creatures for the kids. Very lightweight and durable but can pack a lot. There’s one that looks like Nemo but it’s actually called Clown Fish Chuckles that I’m sure will be a huge hit. I loved Octopus Inky for my daughter and the Shark PaddlePak for my son which is larger than the other ones. The Whale and Shark are the larger PaddlePaks. Prices are $25 for the small and $30 for the large. For ages 2 and up these are great for camping, the beach, travel, parks, etc. Keeps thing from getting wet and parents won’t have to carry it because your kids won’t want to put it down.
They can be found at





Miraclesuit made sure they showed the ladies the must have swimwear and we got to enjoy a fashion show with cute sarongs, and bright color swimsuits. We don’t have to hide our figures because Miraclesuit makes us look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds no matter what size. They have one piece swimsuits, tankini tops, swim dresses, cover ups, and so on. I picked out a cute little number that I will be rocking this year on the beach. Head to and pick some up.







Adirondack Creamery was on board to treat us to their amazing farm fresh, local, all natural ice cream in amazing flavors like , Banana Chip, Kulfi-Pistachio Cardamom, and Caramel Apple. But those are just a few flavors they have. I loved it so much they hand delivered me ice cream to my door yesterday. I was so excited to share with my family. Anything all natural and farm fresh is supported in my house. A few of the stores you can purchase this from is Whole Foods, and Fairway Market. Also for the holidays they have Pumpkin Pie, and Egg Nog which I can’t wait to try. Here is the website to read all about their story and other flavors,















The night couldn’t have been better. Sponsors and gift bags were amazing. Thank you Nicole and Sherri for your fun and informative events. You ladies rock! Thank you to all the sponsors for your generous gifts.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I was given a hairstyling session and wonderful gift bag. Opinions are always my own.

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