Momtrends Back To School Bash Recap 

23 Jul

I still have two kids to go that are still in school so when there’s a Back to School Bash to attend I’m down. I want to see the latest trends in school supplies, clothes and even a few things for myself. Did someone say Lysol? 

I was ready to see what Momtrends Back to School Bash was bringing to the table this year. Well all I have to say is Marvelous Darling!!! Of course it was all about the models. All of the kids did an amazing job showing clothing from Matilda Jane and Stride Rite. This year it was all about the girls. Sorry boys. Love the ruffles and prints that Matilda Jane offer. I’ve always been a fan. Even the book bag has ruffles. We got one in our swag bag. My daughter loves it. Stride Rite took it up a notch and came out with machine washable Made2Play kid shoes line. Say what now? Yes parents, let your kids get dirty. No more worrying because those muddy shoes can go right in the washing machine. Separate from clothes of course. Those are on my back to school list. 

Mabel’s Labels are always a must when school is in session. My daughter and I take pride in labeling everything. Folders, backpacks, clothes, lunchboxes, we do it all. I was glad to stock up on more and there’s a few new labels as well. 

Lysol anyone? Uh, yes!!!! Not only is my apartment stocked with Lysol but I make sure the teachers get a decent supply as well. I’m a germaphobe and if you’re ever around me you know I always pull out some type of sanitizer or wipes. Germs, deleted!! My kids know I don’t play. Don’t touch nothing. Lol. 99.9% viruses and bacteria are killed thanks to Lysol. 

The majority of attendees are parents and sometimes our babysitters cancel at the last minute or we just don’t know who to trust. What about date nights? Shouldn’t  the adults enjoy a few nights out too? Thanks to Date Night now by SitterCity this amazing company will help you find trusted babysitters that were hand picked. How awesome is that? They got you covered. 

Inside the swag bag was Play-Doh. My daughter loves her some Play-Doh. Growing up I loved it too so I see where she gets it from. She can make amazing things. I often find myself playing with her and sometimes without. Lol. It’s so fun. 

WallPops are the hottest wall art around. The most fashionable peel and stick wall decals. My daughter likes to stick her calendar on her desk. I want to decorate my bathroom or kitchen. The patterns and colors are fun. Dry erase maps and calendars and wall word decals are just some of the wall art you can choose from. Have a ball and get to decorating!!

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I had a great time with friends and a big shout out to Momtrends and all the Sponsors. 

For more info check out @Momtrends on Twitter.

Some photos compliments of Momtrends.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are mine 100% as always. 


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