4 Mar

My kids and I are so excited to get away from New York and head to the Bahamas on Norwegian, Breakaway Cruise Lines for 7-days. This was a blessing to win this amazing vacation thanks to @themoms from Twitter. I want us to enjoy every minute and really take in the sights and explore. 

In about 4 weeks we will be saying Bon Voyage to this crazy weather and sailing to Paradise. I wish my oldest son could go but he has to work. He did go on a cruise when he was younger but would have been fun if all my kids were with me. Hopefully he can go on the next one. Oh, I didn’t tell you I won an 11-day cruise with another cruise line as well. That will be taken in 2016. Back to Norwegian. The Moms had an event where we got to go on the Breakaway Norwegian boat and see what it looks like, find out about all the activities and tour the rooms, taste the delicious foods and take in a few shows. The kids also got to meet the Nickelodeon characters. We had a great time and appreciated getting to see what a cruise ship looked like inside. My kids know exactly what they want to do on board. 

We’ve been talking about the cruise ever since we won and now comes the hard part. PACKING!! I’m going to start a list and take care of the packing ASAP. I’m so glad we don’t have to fly to Miami. The Breakaway leaves from New York. Hallelujah!! I just found my passport and found out it expired in Aughst 2014. Ten years goes by fast. I went to the DMV instead and got an enhanced driver’s license that can be used as a passport. Problem solved. Now I have to get my 18 year old son one too. A fellow mom blogger told me to take walkie-talkies because cell phones don’t always work. That was a great tip. My other blogger friend said she will loan me the two she has. That’s so sweet of her. 

Plenty of pictures will be taken so I’m glad I received my Lyve Home photo storage device that holds 1 TB of photos and videos. Whatever pictures or videos I take will be sent right to the device without taking up storage on my phone. I also won this device from another event The Moms had this year. 

I’m also glad the kids will be on Easter/Spring break for the entire time we’re on the cruise and won’t miss school. After a rough winter with kids sick from colds and asthma, and myself being admitted in hospital with asthma this vacation couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m gonna soak up all the Caribbean sun and bring some back to New York.  

One last thing, found great sales on summer clothes at Old Navy. So glad shorts, swimming trunks and flip flops are already in stores. I racked up for all three kids. Still need more stuff and will take care of that soon. 


Stop & Shop Giveaway Winner Announced

13 Feb

Congratulations to Krista K who won the Stop & Shop $25 gift card giveaway. I will contact you for your info. Thank you to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for more giveaways.



2 Feb

To help provide hunger relief to those in need, The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company LLC is kicking-off the New Year with the launch of its A+ School Rewards Fighting Hunger Challenge, a contest calling on participating schools to host food drives benefitting local food banks, pantries and soup kitchens, with prizes going to those creating the best displays utilizing the donated goods.

The Challenge runs from January 1, 2015 to February 13, 2015 and is open to ALL schools (public or private) in CT, NY, and NJ that are currently registered in the A+ School Rewards Program, which can be found at

“As part of Stop & Shop’s commitment to being a better neighbor in each of the communities we serve, the A+ School Rewards Fighting Hunger Challenge is an ideal way to support both local schools and feeding those in need,” said Arlene Putterman, Manager of Public and Community Relations, Stop & Shop New York Metro Division.

To participate in the Challenge, each school registered in the A+ School Rewards Program is asked to choose a local not-for-profit food bank, pantry or soup kitchen, conduct a food drive at their school and collect non-perishable goods. Each participating school builds a unique and creative Fighting Hunger Display using donated products and placed in a prominent area of the school. The food items will be donated to the designated food bank, pantry or soup kitchen at the conclusion of the Challenge.

Coordinators and/or Principals must submit a photograph of their Fighting Hunger Display, indicating the name of their designated recipient. Schools are divided into three brackets based on enrollment size, with the top two schools in each bracket winning $1,000 each. The winning Fighting Hunger Display photos will be placed on the Stop & Shop social media pages (, and

Online Entries must be submitted by February 13, 2015 at Mailed Entries must be postmarked by February 13, 2015 and received by February 19, 2015 and sent to:

A+ Fighting Hunger Challenge
c/o Crane Communications
111 Presidential Blvd, Ste. 252
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

For full Challenge rules visit

GIVEAWAY: I am giving one of my subscribed readers a $25 Stop and Shop gift card. Purchasing items and giving to your local pantry would be great. Just leave a relevant comment to this post.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are mine 100%. I was given gift card for giveaway.



2 Feb

I’ve always been a fan of Lacoste so when the opportunity came to attend their Spring/Summer 2015 preview I couldn’t say no. I headed downtown to the west side, NYC for the launch.

From their polo shirts to their tennis skirts and sneakers I always made sure my kids and I owned a piece of Lacoste. The next best thing that they did was introduce Lacoste Underwear. I’m sure every man wants to be comfortable when wearing underwear and Lacoste took care of that. There’s even loungewear and I can’t wait to purchase these for my boys/young men. Day to Night comfort!!!

Amazing colors, patterns and prints for the men. Loungewear very stylish and comfortable. Vibrant colors is where it’s at.

The event was packed and there were models and guys jumping on trampolines and dancing to house music. Food and drinks were on deck and I loved the displays. Everyone took home a sample of the underwear which I gave to my oldest.

There’s so many to choose from like the Pique L.12.12 Single Pack in the boxer brief, trunk and bikini hip brief in cotton with colors like: Jester Red, Rose Brown, Marine Blue and Faded Denim to name a few.

The Motion Single Pack micro mesh, in trunk, boxer brief and brief with the colors: Dazing Blue and White piping, Marine Blue and Sulphur Spring Piping and White and Lacoste Green piping.

You also have the Colours Multi Pack with the vibrant colors: Empire Yellow, Victoria Blue, and patterns like Check Print or combinations. These also come in trunk, boxer brief and brief in a 2-pack. These underwear keeps you cool and dry with a tag free waistband and flexible fit. Also, in the Colours Multi Pack are Tee shirts in a 2-pack in basic colors like grey, black and white in v-neck or round neck.

The Essentials Multi Pack has 3per pack in the boxer brief, knit boxer and mid rise brief. Colors are: Mars Red, Deep Ultramarine and stripes or combination.

These are just some of the underwear. There’s so much more to see.
The loungewear come in great prints like the Baseline Single Hanging in premium woven cotton, which is a single pack lounge pant or sleep short in Croc Print Navy, Croc Print Victoria and Croc Print Lacoste Green.

Service Line Single Hanging lounge pant and sleep short in stretch cotton, available in single packs also with great patterns like Long Check Navy, Grid Green and Narrow Slate Pin Blue Chambray.

I know my boys will be very happy when this collection launches. I might even get myself some of the lounge pants. Super comfy!! Definitely stocking up in the tee shirts for myself and my boys as well.

Sizes available will come in S-XXL.
For prices and more info check out their website : and On Twitter : @LACOSTE

DISCLOSURE: I was not compensated for this post. I was given gift for attending. Opinions are always mine 100%.



































2 Feb

Valentine’s Day this year will be all about the great recipes my kids and I have been creating. I’m glad it falls on a Saturday because we don’t have to worry about school the next day. I’ve been incorporating more recipes on my blog and I love when my kids get in the kitchen with me and give me ideas.

Walkers Shortbread of Scotland sent me a bag of their mini rounds and a bag of their mini fingers to come up with a fun activity of creating X’s and O’s as a gift for that special person in your life or as a treat. I love shortbread cookies. They melt in your mouth with that buttery taste. I don’t know if you would actually call this a recipe or activity but I did add to the cookies so I’ll say it can be a recipe/activity. How’s that?

This time my daughter and I came up with two fun activities using the X’s and O’s to give to each other and play a game with the next.

For the first activity we decorated a plate with two hearts made out of chocolate syrup and added sprinkles then put our rounds and mini fingers out of X’s and O’s to represent the love we have for each other and everyone in our family. This would be one of our gifts to everyone in the house to pass around. My daughter loved rolling the cookies in the sprinkles and chocolate syrup. She also created a cookie sandwich.

The next activity is out tic tac toe game using again chocolate syrup to make the tic tac toe and the mini rounds and mini fingers to make the X’s and O’s. We had fun with this one and yes, my daughter won, then I ate all the leftovers.

How fun are these? It took no time at all, easy clean up ( in your mouth). This can be done any day or month you like. I don’t wait for one day a year to show or tell my kids I love them but if you’re looking for cool activities/recipes for you and your kids this would be nice to try. X’s and O’s are so cool.

What I love about Walkers Shortbread cookies is the fact that they are a family owned company established in 1898 in Scotland. No GMO ingredients, no artificial flavors or colors, 100% vegetarian, , no animal fats, no hydrogenated fats, kosher, no artificial preservatives, no antibiotics or bovine growth hormones. Their classic shortbread is made from only flour, butter, sugar and salt. Love it!!!!!

We had a great time coming up with these fun things to do with your loved ones. Hope you get to try them out. Please check out Walkers Shortbread on their website: and on Twitter @Shortbread

Disclosure: I received product to create these recipes/activities. Opinions are mine and my daughter 100% as always.









2 Feb

There’s one thing that always stand out at my parties and it’s called Anna de Codorniu. Sparkling wine is my favorite. This sparkling wine is from Spain and I see why I love it so being that I’m Spaniard (father from Spain). My guests always ask where can they buy a bottle because the taste is great. Brut and Brut Rose are a must have. At an outstanding price people don’t believe how inexpensive it is.

I really don’t need an occasion to enjoy Anna De Codorniu sparkling wine because it’s so good you will want a glass all the time. It’s good to keep a few bottles in stock for any occasion though whether it be an Oscar party, 4th of July, New Year’s Eve or just a romantic night in.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and don’t forget Mother’s Day. Head over to Twitter @AnnaCodorniu_US @AveniuBrands and the website and see what catches your eye. There’s so many to choose from I’m ready for a few new bottles myself.

Codorníu has been regarded as a world leader in prestige sparkling wine since 1872 when Josep Raventós, great grandfather to the present generation of family owners, introduced the Traditional Method in Spain, creating a wine that is known today as cava.

One of Spain’s first wine families, Codorníu has for more than 450 years produced some of the country’s finest wines. Codorníu owes its leadership position to an unrelenting focus on innovation and quality.
The winery enjoys a storied past. A royal supplier to the Spanish Crown since 1897, Codorníu’s unique winery and aging cellars are a protected Historical Artistic Monument.

Please enjoy responsibly.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are 100% mine as always.




1 Feb

Tailgating will be done at home this year. With the help of Johnsonville brats it gonna be a slow cooker fun time. Instead of getting up early and prepping to feed my large family my slow cooker will come in handy. This Brat Crock recipe will be calling your name.

I was asked by Johnsonville to come up with my creation of a Brat Crock tailgater’s paradise indoors. My recipe is so easy you will be done way before the game starts. This will leave you time to make side dishes, desserts, and play bartender. The most important one is you will have time to actually sit down with family and friends and watch the game. I think crock pots are the best thing ever invented. I can go out and come back and the house is smelling amazing. I don’t have to worry about anything because of how long I programmed the slow cooker. It automatically turns to warm after it finish cooking.

My family and I have been a fan of Johnsonville for years and I love coming up with recipes. So whose ready for a touchdown Johnsonville brat crock recipe?

What you’ll need:
*1 large slow cooker
*Johnsonville Brats ( I used beef and beer brats)
*3-4 cans (12 ounces) beer ( I used 1 (24 ounce) can
*1 medium yellow or white onion, sliced into rings ( I used lots of onions & a red onion as well)
*1 large green pepper
*1 large red pepper
*2 (15 oz.) cans turkey chili with beans
*Jalapeños to top
*Potato rolls

What to do:
*Pour in the beer, add butter, peppers, onions and turn slow cooker on high
*Heat a grill pan or heavy skillet to medium high and grill or sear the brats on all sides until fully cooked when internal temperature reaches 160F.
*Add your Johnsonville Brats to the slow cooker and heat till brats are cooked about 2 hours.
*Reduce heat to low to keep the brats hot throughout the game.
*Heat chili as instructed on can
*Open a potato roll, add brats and onion mixture then top with chili, jalapeños and mustard.

I had two so far. Maybe going back for thirds. I have to save room for dessert too. I had fun creating this brat crock recipe.
Please let me know what you think of my recipe and if you make the recipe for your friends and family let me know how you like it.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post with a gift card to buy groceries and coupons for the brats. As always opinions are mine 100%.












@themoms @LyveMinds LYVE APP & LYVE HOME IS FOR ME!! #BigBelliMOMS

30 Jan

I want to introduce you to one of the best photo storage app ever. It’s name is Lyve. I don’t know how many people tell me they don’t have enough space on their phone to take pictures. I hate when I’m somewhere and need to get a shot and that message comes up. Cannot take picture. Check your storage. OMG it is the worse. I have almost 3000 photos on my phone and refuse to keep buying more and more storage. My iPad is also over capacity. I don’t want to delete my photos especially the memories of my kids and my work as a blogger and I don’t want to transfer my pictures to my desktop which is about to die any day now. HELP!!!!!!

I went to my friend house and discovered this cute Lyve Home box that was sitting in her living room with all of her pictures that she had from her phone just streaming one after another. Amazing is what I thought. How did you do that? Where did you get that? I want that is what I was saying. When she told me it holds 2 terabytes of storage I almost fell off the couch. Where have you been all my life? I’ve lost so many pictures and wish I had knew about this years ago.

I can finally take pictures and not get that annoying message popping up and know that my pictures are safe and my family and friends can enjoy seeing our pictures when they come over. HALLELUJAH!!!!!

First thing I have to do is actually get one of these bad boys. Have no fear!!
I recently attended another MAMARAZZI event with @themoms ,supermodel Molly Sims and Lyve reps were in attendance. I was so happy to see them and ask questions. I didn’t even know there was a Lyve app as well and was happy to get information about that. So I was told Lyve works with IOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Macs, and Window PCs. Thumbs up for that. Once you install the app on your devices Lyve will pull together all of your photos AND videos into a single library so you can find, share and view your photos wherever you go.

So guess what I did? I installed the app to my iPhone and iPad immediately. My photos and videos from my iPhone and iPad were synced. It really is amazing. I kid you not.

The Lyve Home has a LCD touchscreen, 2 terabytes of storage that I was talking about earlier and connects via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It sets up in seconds and will continue to backup new photos and videos as you capture them. Also, up to three additional users can share storage on Lyve Home, with private access to their own accounts.

I truly love this app and can’t wait to see the Lyve Home in my home for my family to see. This year my family is going on our first vacation together to the Bahamas on a cruise and I want to capture every moment with my kids.

The Lyve Home can be purchased for $299 for 2 terabytes of storage at retail stores or from the Lyve store. The app is free to download on the App Store. Check out their website: and on Twitter : @lyveminds

I took pictures of my iPhone and iPad that shows the Lyve app that I downloaded. I also took a pic of my pictures from the Lyve app from my phone. You can see the timeline.
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. Opinions are 100% mine as always. Some pictures photo credit to myself, Fredy Mfuko and Mission 101 Media.







28 Jan

No matter what the season I always make sure to have ice cream in the freezer for me and the kids to enjoy. Breyers has always been a favorite of ours. Now even more with Breyers Gelato Indulgences our freezer is beyond stocked. There’s so many flavors to choose from like: Vanilla Caramel, Raspberry Cheesecake, Tiramisu and Triple Chocolate. If you think those are tempting there’s even more deliciousness. Breyers introduced Mint Chocolate in stores now. Wait, hold for it….. three more Breyers Gelato Indulgences in March to tempt your tummies with flavors like: Strawberry Truffle, Cappuccino and Chocolate Caramel. Okay can someone call Breyers and tell them to send me free coupons for life? These flavors are right up our alley. There’s so much you can create with these.

My kids and I love making ice cream sundaes, milkshakes or root beer floats. But you don’t have to stop there. I’ve seen hot chocolate with ice cream and even waffles. With Breyers Gelato you can do the same thing. My kids and I recently tried the Mint Chocolate and came up with a recipe for us to enjoy on Valentine’s Day.

We started with pound cake, Slice a piece of cake, cut a hole in middle, add Breyers Gelato Mint Chocolate in hole, add chocolate syrup, marshmallows and sprinkles whatever your color choice. You can also add whip cream and a cherry on top if you like. It was soooo good we had to have seconds. I love when my kids get creative and see what ideas they come up with when we work together in the kitchen.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be once a year and eating ice cream or gelato doesn’t have to be eaten once a year so enjoy it with the people you love. I’m ready to try the new flavors in March as well. I’m also ready for my kids and I to come up with more fun recipes.

Check out Breyers website for more info: and on Twitter: @Breyers

Which flavor are you excited about trying? Do you have a favorite already?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. Coupons were given for review of product. These opinions are mine 100% as always.








27 Jan

Yes I live in New York and I know that I can’t have low humidity and the temperature in the 70’s all year around. I refuse to let the cold temps and snow bring me down especially when the Super Bowl is fast approaching. I love cooking, entertaining, parties and grilling. Yes, I can grill. When I lived in the Bronx I grilled so much there was a party at my house all the time. Now that I’m back in Manhattan I’m in an apartment building so it’s not happening unless I bring out an indoor small grill. It’s just not the same. Who here knows about Weber grills?

I recently attended the Weber 2015 new product reveal of the Q1200 series gas grill. Anyone that loves grilling should know that you should only invest in a Weber. I was so sad when I moved and had to leave my Weber grill behind. I’m sure someone got good use out of it.

The first thing I noticed upon entering Crave Fish Bar where the event was held was how colorful these Weber grills were. The Q1200 gas grill came in six amazing colors : Purple, Blue, Green, Fuchsia, Orange and Black. Of course I wanted one in each color and had a hard time choosing which color I wanted especially when I saw the purple first.

The second thing I loved about the Q1200 gas grill was it can fit on a balcony or can be easily transported to the park, beach, or that tailgating party. For a separate purchase ($79.99) Weber’s Q Portable Cart features a simple mechanism that allows users to set up the stand in a snap. When transporting the grill, the cart folds down with the grill attached and can simply be wheeled like a suitcase. Who would ever think transporting a grill would be this simple?

The next thing I loved learning about the Weber Q1200 gas grill besides it being a gas grill was the fact that you can make pancakes and eggs for breakfast and even a cake. Yes, a cake!!! I saw it with my own eyes. The Q1200 gas grill features 189-square inches of cooking space, porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates, two folding work tables, electronic ignition and a built-in-lid thermometer to help monitor the heat inside the grill. Grillers can remove the grill grate and replace it with a porcelain-enameled cast iron griddle for cooking foods like scallops, or smaller vegetables (griddles sold separately).

I’m already thinking about what foods to have on hand and what holidays and places I will be using my grill. I can also use it on my big terrace in my building. The top holidays to grill is on the 4th of July. 83% grill on this holiday ahead of birthdays 72%, Labor Day 70% and Memorial Day 62%. I thought the Super Bowl would have the highest percentage but it came in that only 30% fire up the grill for that day. I really prefer grilling than frying and don’t need it to be a holiday to get out the grill. I can’t wait to get my Weber Q1200 gas grill in…….. FUCHSIA!!!! After a long decision that’s the color I picked. They are all beautiful but the fuchsia was calling my name.

Dinner, drinks and dessert compliments of Crave Fish Bar, NY (945 2nd Ave) was amazing. Chefs took us outside on the balcony to show us what foods they were grilling up. We learned tips and saw what the Q1200 gas grill could do in person. I’m still impressed with the cake. Amazing!!!
I’ve included pictures of Weber’s Cold Weather Grilling Tips, Recipes and How to Grill the Perfect Steaks.
For more info you can visit: and
Facebook: and Twitter:

The Weber Q1200 gas grill will be available February 2015 at major retail stores MSRP: $219.

What color will you grill on?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. These opinions are mine 100% as always. We were given gift bags and a grill will be shipped to me for review.











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